It’s a four-peat for Prue

Starting in June, Michael Prue began losing weight. No, he didn’t go on a diet. He was full out canvassing, pounding the pavement in Ward 32 asking for ideas. Prue said that it “was important to reflect on what issues were of concern to the community.” And on doorstep after doorstep he heard about the […]

Candidates get questioned at local debates

It’s only a few days before the provincial election, and candidates from Beaches/East York have been out in full force trying to get your vote. You have probably had a visit on your doorstep, been inundated with campaign literature in your mail box and received a phone call during dinner. It’s all about getting out […]

Candidates have their say

Shawn Ali Green Shawn Ali is currently a store manager at Toys R Us Canada and, prior to this, was an assistant manager at EB Games. Throughout his career, Shawn has been a member of several committees, and is currently the management chair of his store’s health and safety committee. In addition to playing an […]