Plans for Kew get public view

The plans to update the Queen Street edge of Kew Gardens were unveiled at an open house last week. The project was instigated by the Beach Village BIA, which hopes to draw more traffic up to Queen Street from the beach. Creating a better interface between the street and the north portion of the park […]

Three year-old burned by barbecue coals

A three year-old girl is slowly recovering after stepping on hot barbecue coals left along Kew Beach. “I’m actually amazed at her courage through all this,” says her father Chad Danyluck. His daughter got the burns on May 25, when she and her uncles were walking by the water just west of the Kew dog […]

No agreement over shared school space

City and public school officials are asking why, after 12 years, they have yet to sign an agreement on how they share buildings. “Our schools, especially in older parts of our city, are often the home of our community centres,” said Ward 31 councillor Janet Davis. Davis is asking for an update on the marathon […]

Upgrades planned for Williamson Park ravine

Trudging home through snowy Williamson Park Ravine with her dad last week, five year-old Geneviève MacLeod turned the tables and put a question to Beach Metro News. “Did you know we slide down that big hill?” she asked, pointing up the steep slope to Williamson Crescent. “We did it just once,” added her dad Renae, […]