Look into my big yellow eyes…

October is here and the bird migration is going strong. If you’ve been observing the departure of our local songbirds, hawks, Canada geese, and others, you might be lucky enough this time of year to also catch a glimpse of a migrating owl. While it’s nice for us to enjoy the sight of these birds […]

Serial murderer or animal helper?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with different people over the years, but the day a police officer asked me if I was a serial killer might be one of the most memorable. I should probably explain that I wasn’t under arrest, at a police station, or crouched over a body. I was merely standing behind […]

Owls a hoot, but keep your distance

Charlotte and I were walking down a path, through a generic patch of tall trees with branches everywhere. It didn’t seem to be anything special, least of all something to write an article about! As we were walking, talking, and enjoying the sunny day we both did a double take. We had walked within metres […]