The hottest ticket in town

It’s 6 o’clock on a Monday when the regular crowd shuffles in: they’re all in the mood for a melody and you’ve got us feeling alright. The sound check has been going on for an hour. The band was so concerned about their sound they brought along their own PA system – even though we […]

Glen Ames students build a better sleeping bag as part of robotics competition

When you think of trash, what comes to mind? Plastic bottles and food waste? Garbage islands floating around the ocean? Discarded batteries and electronics? For this year’s Glen Ames robotics team, called the Garment Grabbers, what came to mind was clothing. “Usually you don’t think of clothing being wasted,” said programmer Evan Barlow. “Your parents […]

Pulling for vulnerable women

If you want to pull an 8,083 kg truck in your running shoes, it sure helps to have level ground. Homelessness advocate Lia Grimanis felt that firsthand on Dec. 12, her 42nd birthday, when she set a new Guinness world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled 100 feet by a woman. “You’re either being chased […]

Out of the Cold programs get help in East End

Grade four students in Travis White’s and Kristin Rogers’ classes at Kew Beach Public School have set out to help the Out Of the Cold program at St. Aidan’s Church on Queen Street. The students didn’t just want to raise money to help – they wanted to be more ‘hands-on’, so Dr. Michael Chambers, Chairperson […]

Warm welcome takes chill Out of the Cold

It began amid controversy, but the Out of the Cold program at St. Aidan’s Anglican Church has been running very successfully since 2007, feeding and sheltering homeless people who might otherwise be sleeping on the streets. With the support of numerous volunteers, and Dixon Hall, the long-running service agency, St. Aidan’s Out of the Cold […]

Special place but the need for generosity remains

I moved to the Beach just two months ago to serve as priest at St Aidan’s Anglican Church, while my husband serves Grace Anglican Church in Scarborough. We moved here from Victoria, BC, but prior to that we had lived for 17 years in Guelph, so Toronto was not unknown to us. But the Beach […]