Building on a passion for education in Nicaragua

A Beach Hill family is in Nicaragua this month to commemorate the 75th classroom built by their SchoolBOX charity. The Marvin Salazar School, just outside San Benito, Nicaragua, will service about 300 students from kindergarten to Grade 6, taught by five teachers. The two classrooms and supplies such as desks, chairs and a whiteboard will […]

Learning the true cost of a cup of coffee

When Louise Hamilton tried picking ripe red coffee cherries in Nicaragua, it felt something like picking blueberries on an Ontario farm. Coffee cherries grow thick on their branches so, like a heavy bunch of blueberries, Hamilton said it’s tempting to strip them off by the handful. But even now, in Nicaragua’s harvest season, too many […]

Building humility and partnership

You may have seen in this paper in December a photo of a dilapidated shack outside St Aidan’s Church. The story accompanying it explained that it was put together by some of St Aidan’s youth, who are preparing to go to Nicaragua during their March break to participate in a building project in a poor […]