Dinner and a movie the start of the Gerrard India Bazaar

About a month before the new apartments in the old Naaz Theatre were finally cued to open, owner Gurnam Multani was upstairs moving Whirlpools. Not hot tubs, he said, but dishwashers, good ones, for the 25 two- and three-bedroom suites he plans to start renting in July. With plaster dust on his pin-striped pants, and […]

Gerrard/Ashdale library turns 90

If anyone ever quizzes her on the history of Gerrard/Ashdale Library, Ruth Henry has a surefire cheat. She saw it from the start. Born in the fall of 1923, Henry remembers winters when she curled up under the arched wood ceilings of the second-floor children’s area. “I came every Saturday morning because there was a […]