Tipping bill finally passes

News that a bill similar to the tipping bill Michael Prue championed for years will come into effect later this year has the former Beaches-East York NDP MPP feeling slightly shortchanged. Working to regulate service industry tips and gratuities, mainly by making it illegal for employers to take all or a portion of employee tips, […]

Liberals oust NDP in Beaches-East York

Whether it was his team, a lucky pin worn by his father in an election campaign five decades ago, or the general swing in favour of the Liberals in the June 12 provincial election, MPP elect Arthur Potts believed he could paint Beaches-East York red the day he signed on as the riding’s Liberal candidate. […]

Beaches-East York candidates off and running

Why vote? Candidates for Ontario’s June election only get four weeks to give you a reason, not only to vote for them, but to vote at all. Turnout dipped to 49 per cent in the last Ontario election – a record low. That figure was a couple points higher here in Beaches-East York, but still, […]

Politicians uninvited from Easter parade

For 12 years, MPP Michael Prue has waved a flag in the Beach’s Easter parade – not NDP orange, but a lake blue one with a silhouette of the Leuty Lifeguard Station. But Prue’s Beach flag won’t fly on Sunday. Organizers at the Toronto Beaches Lions Club have banned all politicians from the 48 year-old […]

It’s time to remove the OMB’s power over Toronto

For those who seek to protect our neighbourhoods from unwanted and inappropriate development, the mere existence of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) portends an ongoing battle. The residents of the Beach have witnessed a never-ending series of applications to build taller than permitted buildings along historical Queen Street. The City, to its credit, has undertaken […]

Six steps to a better provincial budget

The Ontario government intends to bring its budget down some time in April.  As NDP finance critic, I sit on the finance committee of the Legislative Assembly. The committee has held five days of pre-budget hearings to date – in Windsor, Timmins, Ottawa and Toronto. We recently added one day in Thunder Bay on April […]

Public input wanted: is the provincial budget election material?

Families have been telling me in recent months that their biggest concerns are jobs, health care and the cost of living. The budget announced by the Liberal government does not do nearly enough to address these priorities. There are nearly 600,000 people looking for work in this province, and yet the budget lacks solutions to […]

Prue talks budget with public

A small group of residents gathered at Access Point on Danforth on Jan. 26 to discuss issues pertaining to the upcoming Ontario budget, expected to be revealed in March by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan. The meeting was organized by Beaches/East York Member of Provincial Parliament Michael Prue, who is also the New Democrat’s finance critic, […]

Province needs to allow more public input

There are skeptics who hold the view that they are powerless to influence political change.  This is not generally true.  Public input is sought at all levels of the political process though the establishment of committees whose job entails listening to people and making modifications to policies and programs.  The City of Toronto has such […]