Relief from group as lake levels drop

With Lake Ontario water levels having been over 30” higher than normal this spring, the Balmy Beach Canoe Club has discovered a few things: rubber boots are a fashion necessity, walking a plank carrying a boat is hard and, even though their sport requires flat water, there can actually be too much of a good […]

In My Opinion: It’s time to TransformTO, says the rising lake

“It’s weird seeing 10 carp a metre long thrashing about on the roadway…they are mating most vigourously.” That was the response of an acquaintance to my inquiry about life these days on a partially submerged Toronto Island. The effects of the rising lake are a bit different off the island. Closer to home, our beaches […]

Lake Ontario goes big in Pacific Rim

“Go big or go extinct!” is the dire warning of Pacific Rim (opening July 12), with giant robots defending Earth from alien sea monsters. Sure, Lake Ontario is a ‘great lake’, but here it gets a promotion to ocean, ‘playing’ the Pacific. I predict this summer blockbuster will become the biggest box office hit ever […]