Why hasn’t the Woodbine Park fountain been turned on?

Woodbine Park just doesn’t have the same flow that it used to. With the exception of a few lone ducks floating casually through the water, the pond remains still because the city has not yet turned on its fountain. The water feature is typically seen spouting in all of its glory by mid-May. But as […]

Kids petition for safer streets

Dog walkers, beachgoers, kids on bikes and adults on phones – everyone crossing Hammersmith and Hubbard is a little safer this summer thanks to a trio of kid campaigners. Snow and ice were still on the ground when Olivia, Isobel, and Eddy Forrest trekked door-to-door to collect some 120 signatures calling for an all-way stop […]

Beach hosts 100 in 1 Day activities

On Saturday, June 7, people in Toronto and around the globe will unite in a single goal – to bring positive change to their little corner of the world. One hundred citizen-led community actions – or urban interventions – will help foster awareness about urban and social issues, or just inject some fun and whimsy […]

Deja Views

In keeping with this Arctic-like spring, I present a winter view looking north to Ivan Forrest Gardens. This photograph of a westbound streetcar on Queen Street East was taken sometime in the 1960s. A special thank you to Pete Coulman for providing the image. Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please […]

Front of Kew Gardens set for refresh

The Queen Street end of Kew Gardens is set for a facelift in the next year. The first of two planned public consultations took place on March 18, with about 75 interested parties crowding the gym at the Beaches Recreation Centre to offer their opinions on the possibilities for the small section of the north […]

Jane’s Walk highlights Wood’s oaks

Art Wood was leafing through his Saturday paper in the dappled shade of his back deck last week when his arborist, city councillor and 40 tree enthusiasts clambered out of the Glen Stewart ravine and into his yard to see his magnificent oaks. Built in 1931 in a way that preserved the trees on site, […]

Ravine not in danger, Glen Manor builder says

The owner of a plot of land at the edge of Ivan Forrest Gardens near the south end of the Glen Stewart ravine said Beachers concerned about inappropriate development in the area have nothing to worry about from him. Rob Mollet is the latest owner of an empty lot bordered by Glen Manor Drive (the […]