200 moose took over Toronto in 2000

The year 2000 started without the predicted Y2K catastrophes.  Many of us had stockpiled food and water in case the world order collapsed. Few were willing to fly on Jan. 1, but no planes fell from the sky. One of the local CIBCs, which had amassed cots and blankets for staff to sleep over in […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1999

The final year of the last millennium began with the winter of our discontent. In January five major storms blanketed Toronto with 118 cm (almost five feet) of the white stuff.  Before city staff and residents could dig themselves out from one blizzard, the next began. The amount of snow on Queen Street, coupled with […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1998

One of the oddest incidents of 1998 was the Case of the Biting Beavers. There were reports of beavers jumping out of the bushes at Ashbridges Bay, and nipping and gnawing the rumps of dogs. Pet owners put up a sign: ‘Beware, beavers have bitten three dogs.’ Next day there were teeth marks on the […]

1997 was the year of the megacity

In 1997 one issue eclipsed all other local concerns – municipal reform. The province  announced that  the six municipalities of Toronto, East York, Scarborough, York, North York and Etobicoke  would become  one ‘megacity’. It was promoted as a cost-cutting measure and a more efficient way of coordinating services and reducing staff for garbage collection, libraries, […]

Remembering my time at Beach Metro

Time.  It’s so true that the older one gets, the shorter years seem.  I can only wonder what else is in store but that’s the great thing about life: it’s a mystery beyond imagination. Truthfully, when I applied for the position of photographer/editorial assistant at Ward 9 News (as it was known until 1988), it […]

1996 a smashing year for Beach Metro

The year 1996 started with a jolt for Beach Metro News, and for me. After an evening of welcoming in the New Year, I was awakened by a phone call from the police at 5 a.m. on Jan. 1.  The newspaper’s front door had been smashed in and the ear-piercing alarm was still screeching. I […]

Volunteers are Beach Metro’s greatest resource

Over the past 40 years, thousands of volunteers have passed through the ranks at Beach Metro News. Every issue, over 300 volunteers hit the streets to deliver 30,000 copies to most doors in the Beach, the Birchcliff Bluffs and East Danforth areas. Volunteers offer up their time for many different reasons; often, when someone has […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1993

The year 1993 was one of change for some local institutions and of efforts to preserve for others. At this newspaper the classified ads were the last holdout of an earlier technology. As the year started they were typeset then pasted in strips onto layout pages. By mid-year the roller and hot wax were abandoned, […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1992

In  March 1992 this paper celebrated its 20th birthday. Editor Joan Latimer reported at the AGM that the staff was putting out more 32-page issues – and doing it without tearing each other’s hair out. At deadline the office is like a zoo, she said, with a seemingly endless supply of advertisers lining up. She […]

Gulf War influenced events of 1991

When 1991 began the First Gulf War was already underway.  On August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait, and Canada joined a 35-country, American-led coalition to liberate Kuwait. Yellow ribbons were tied to local trees in support of our troops. Security was beefed up at the R.C.Harris Filtration Plant for the duration of the war. Following […]