Residents want Queen tree saved

A tall red oak near Queen and Balsam is stopping traffic, at least on the sidewalk. Hundreds of passersby have stopped and signed a petition to save the tree at 2204 Queen St. East, which owners say poses a risk to their house and those of their neighbours. Calls to the homeowners’ family were not […]

Fire code shuts cottage to public

In 1902, when Kew Williams built a cottage for his wife in present-day Kew Gardens, the newlyweds didn’t plan to have a lot of company. More than 100 years later, what became Kew Gardener’s Cottage remains a park highlight, but its quaint design is now a problem for the many groups that use it for […]

Filtration plant returned to former glory

On any given morning, the joggers, dog walkers and tandem cyclists who regularly circle the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant can peer in a window and see the plant at work. Besides its art deco features, architect Mark Wronski says that is the glory of Thomas Pomphrey’s design. “One of the great experiences is looking […]