The sky’s the limit for happy-go-lucky OB

In my 2016 pet recap earlier this year, I officially declared my commitment to a beagle-positive outlook for 2017. I also mentioned Archer, the bashful Italian Greyhound with Happy Tails Rescue. At the time, he was still looking for a home. Now, I’ve got some positive news! He’s been adopted and has a new pesky […]

Kobi is out of this world

SPACE … the final frontier! The destination for every dog I write about – to explore strange new worlds (aka the centre of the couch on movie night and every square inch of our beds after the movie); to seek out the ultimate spoiled life with human civilization by always stealing the best spot; to […]

Wookie offers a whole lotta love

We always had miniature poodles growing up. The first two were white but my mom insisted on a stain-hiding darker shade after that. “White dogs are impractical. They need constant cleaning,” she’d complain, as if we were talking about wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe so, but I get a kick out of dog food moustaches.  It’s probably […]

Leland ready for love after long recovery

Choosing a bite-sized baby from Happy Tails Rescue (HTR) to feature this month was like deciding what to order off the menu of a favourite restaurant. After much deliberation, I ultimately decided on poodle pie – mostly because I liked his name. Although casually referred to as ‘Poodle’, the approximately nine-year-old miniature poodle seen here […]

‘Dishtowel’ dog finds reason to wag

Dog rescuers tend to have a quirky sense of humour, especially when it comes to the dogs they rescue. Even the adorable Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle cross pictured here could not escape the whacky wrath of their wit. According to Joey’s witty rescuers, there are three main personality types – Type A, Type B and the lesser […]

Pink lady adds colour to winter grey

The month of January was even blah-ier than usual this year with all the rain. We could really use a cocktail to perk us up, but not just any cocktail. We need something with a nostalgic kick! After all, retro chic is all the rage. Have you heard of Boston’s ‘Ladies United for the Preservation […]