A carol for Beach gardeners

Partridges? What on earth would I do with them? French hens? Against the law in Toronto and probably couldn’t stand the cold. Gold rings? I always take off any rings when I’m gardening – otherwise, they get lost or dirty. The gifts in The 12 Days of Christmas just don’t cut it for a Beach […]

Try a Beach book for the holidays

In Milocz, her latest work of fiction, Beach writer Cordelia Strube has written her first comic novel, in the tradition of John Irving, where comedy and tragedy are so intertwined that the reader is caught off guard by both. The lead character, Milocz Krupanski, has changed his name to Milo Kruppi, a name that is […]

Gift ideas for foodies

Foodies make Christmas shopping a breeze! Since food lovers love food you can always prepare one of your specialty recipes, and know it will be a hit. This applies, as well, to the person who has everything. Instead of trying to figure out what they need, prepare a thoughtful food item. It is bound to […]

Beachy-keen gift ideas for Christmas

Dear Santa, I figure you must have a pretty hard time finding all those presents for everyone, so I thought I’d help you out. Here are some things I especially like because they’re quick, easy and inexpensive. And you can find many of them right here in the Beach. Calendars There are lots of fancy […]