It’s not either freedom or security – it’s both

The morning of Oct. 22 gunshots rang out. I hit the floor, my back to the wall, bracing a table across a door into our caucus room. Bullets flew on the other side of the door. It was very real for a few moments. It seemed very real for much longer, fueled by rumours, guarded […]

Building a capacity to care for each other

The phone call came on my way home from Ottawa for Thanksgiving. “We’ve called an ambulance to take your mom to the hospital.” And (back) down the rabbit hole of senior health care we went. The ongoing experience comes on the eve of that most active time for giving, sharing, volunteering. It has been a […]

The long march toward tipping points

Strains of Beaches Jazz are – or were – in the air but tipping points are on my mind. Recent announcements about the future of the CBC brought to mind the notion that we may be on the verge of a whole bunch of them. Some are more easily recognized than others, and we have […]

(Un)Fair Elections Act a cause of concern for Canadians

Canada has changed – and is changing – in ways that cause most of us considerable concern. And now, through C-23, the (Un)Fair Elections Act, the Conservative government is seeking to lock those changes in, to set them in concrete. “This bill is terrific,” said Pierre Polievre, the partisan bloodhound and counter-intuitively titled Minister for […]