East End joins Liberal sweep in Toronto

Red ties, scarves, hats, even strawberry cake was flying as supporters celebrated Liberal Nathaniel Erskine-Smith’s election win in Beaches-East York last night. “It’s amazing for our riding, it’s amazing for our country,” said Erskine-Smith, speaking in the Ted Reeve party room shortly before giving a speech to his volunteers. “The current government has been so […]

Voters prepare for election day

After the longest federal election campaign since 1872, local voters have had months to make up their minds before the Oct. 19 vote. But just in case anyone in Beaches-East York or Scarborough Southwest needs a refresher before the 12-hour polls open at 9:30 a.m. Monday, here is a round-up of local campaign coverage. Candidates for […]

Trudeau campaign rolls into the Beach

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau got a double-take from Queen streetcar riders this morning when he made a campaign stop at The Beacher Café. Hundreds of supporters packed the Beach café and surrounding sidewalk where, six days before the Oct. 19 vote, Trudeau made his only scheduled speech of the day. Introduced by local Liberal candidate Nathaniel-Erskine […]

Alternatives to the big four parties

Voters in Beaches-East York may be surprised to see seven names on the ballot on Oct. 19. Two independents and a Marxist-Leninist candidate are flying their own colours this federal election, expanding the choice beyond red, orange, blue or green. Far from the far left or the far right, independent candidate Peter Surjanac is running […]

Ideas take centre stage at candidates’ debate

A Beaches-East York candidates’ debate drew unexpected agreements and provided a refreshing focus on ideas over politicking three weeks ahead of the Oct. 19 federal election. Before the evening was through, Liberal candidate Nathaniel Erskine-Smith had announced he agreed on a point with Conservative Bill Burrows, New Democrat Matthew Kellway found himself pushing a priority […]

Mulcair talks small business at Main Street café

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair got a taste of the Upper Beach today when he joined Beaches-East York MP Matthew Kellway at a local coffee shop. Before visiting Grinder Coffee on Main Street, the federal Opposition leader stopped in at a lobster shop and a seafood restaurant in Riverdale to promote the NDP’s jobs plan. The plan would […]

Minna coming to grips with loss

After almost 18 years in office serving the riding of Beaches/ East York, Maria Minna cleaned out her Ottawa office on May 12 almost in a state of denial. Oh, as a seasoned politician, she accepts her loss as part of the process, but her fears are for the future of the country. She believes […]