Puppets with some strings attached

When Helen Juvonen and Tyler Seguin, who had toyed with the idea of trying their hands at puppetry, saw a performance by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, they knew which style they wished to explore. They began by taking a course with Puppetmongers, the East End brother-and-sister team (see Entertainment Beat)  who are passing on […]

Something worth dedicating a life to

Jim McKnight didn’t always realize he was destined to be a minister in the United Church. In fact, with several career changes already under his belt, he was well on his way to a life in bank management when he finally found his calling. One evening while working late at CIBC, where he had worked […]

Marathon marks milestone for Smith

It is said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For one local man, stepping into a gym in 2006 was the first step on a personal journey of self-improvement that has seen him lose 70 pounds, start his own business as a personal trainer, and run a half-marathon. Brian Smith, […]

Jack Aldred, our hero

Jack Aldred was born Dec. 18, 1923. His 89th birthday is just around the corner, and his eyes widened at the mention of it, as it is one more year Jack has spent doing what he does best– helping others, and keeping memories. He was born at home in a cosy house on Kingston Road […]

Scouting a lifelong passion for couple

If you know how to tie a square knot or cook a delicious meal over a campfire, chances are you learned these skills as a Cub or Venturer under the guidance of Ed and Sandra Harrison. The couple has been involved in the 35th/37th Scouting program at St. John’s Norway Anglican Church for nearly their […]

From Vietnam to the Upper Beach

Every life is a journey. Some end where they started, while others take you through turmoil, uncertainty and cultural differences, ending perhaps on the opposite side of where you began. For Tak Bùi, the journey began in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1950. His early years were marked with tension and conflict as the Viet Cong rapidly […]

Fire support volunteer honoured for service

Charlie Croft has followed fire trucks to almost a thousand blazes in Scarborough and East End Toronto. For 35 years, he has been part of a team of volunteers assisting  the fire service any way it can. The group, Support 7, goes out to emergencies and provides food, drinks and respite for the firefighters. When […]

Food provides an introduction to the stars

Everyone has a story to tell When Mike Flaherty was 10 years old and helping his grandfather and uncles in the family-owned Meca Tavern, little did he imagine he would one day be making Shepherd’s Pie for Keith Richards or packing sandwich lunches for Ken Thomson. Today Flaherty, 45, is a chef at the Air […]