Get cracking with hard-cooked eggs

In Grandma’s day, breakfast meant some form of eggs and toast. However, because eggs contain cholesterol they were thought to raise people’s cholesterol levels and they became a restricted food – no more than three or four a week. In recent nutrition studies, it has been discovered that yes, eggs do contain cholesterol, but it […]

Eggs just the thing for Easter feasting

Eggs have long been a symbol of new life. It is fitting, then, that they are on spring menus and play a significant role during the Easter celebrations both as decorated eggs and egg dishes in the Easter brunch. The egg in all its glory is featured here – nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare […]

The Main Menu: Easter brunch calls for eggs

The egg is a wonderful package. Packed with nutrients, easy to digest, simple to prepare, an essential ingredient in numerous dishes and inexpensive, it is a staple on the grocery list. However, at Easter the egg becomes a star. As a symbol of new life, it is decorated and becomes an integral part of celebration […]