Beach Arts Scene

Yellow House Gallery is celebrating a year of fine art in Kingston Road Village, while launching its latest show, Mindscape. Yellow House was opened a year ago at 921 Kingston Rd. by Christina Kostoff as a combination gallery and framing shop. Since then, Kostoff has been running regular exhibitions, both solo and group shows, by […]

No agreement over shared school space

City and public school officials are asking why, after 12 years, they have yet to sign an agreement on how they share buildings. “Our schools, especially in older parts of our city, are often the home of our community centres,” said Ward 31 councillor Janet Davis. Davis is asking for an update on the marathon […]

Students talk sweatshops with designer

Fashion designer Sujeet Sennik had something to show Duke of Connaught students last month – a dusty T-shirt picked from the rubble of Rana Plaza, Bangladesh. Sennik left a design position at Walmart after the poorly built Rana Plaza factory collapsed in April, killing 1,129 workers. Walmart was linked to the factory by illegal subcontracts. […]