On the safety of dental fillings

For many years there have been questions raised regarding the safety of dental amalgam (silver) fillings. The concerns over silver fillings stem from the fact that they contain mercury. While mercury in its free elemental form is toxic to humans, the relevant question is whether or not mercury that is bound to other metals in […]

Patient-friendly dental apps

For those of us who are users of smartphone technology, it is common knowledge that there is an app out there for virtually everything. For those who are not quite so tech savvy, an ‘app’ or ‘mobile app’ is simply a computer program designed and formatted specifically for smartphones and tablet computers. Although they have […]

Prevention the key in dental injuries

With the change in weather comes the beginning of the summer sports season – an appropriate time to think about prevention of dental injuries associated with participation in sports. The statistics on sports-related dental injuries are actually quite alarming, with almost 40 per cent of children in organized sports sustaining dental injuries over the course […]

Dentistry and sleep disorders

Sleep is a behavioural state that is a natural part of every person’s life. In fact, we spend about a third of our lives asleep. Although sleep and its roles are still poorly understood by the medical community, we do know that it is an essential activity that is required for normal daily functioning. We […]

Food for thought on chewing gum

During the past year, Canadians spent approximately $500 million on chewing gum. Based on the average price of a pack of gum, that translates to 4 billion pieces of gum, or 120 pieces per year for every Canadian! Of course, not everyone chews gum – and that means that the ‘hard core’ gum chewers are […]

Another chapter in the great fluoride debate

Recently the city of Toronto was paid a visit by Dr. Paul Connett, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network and its parent organization, the American Environmental Health Studies Project. Dr. Connett is a retired chemistry professor who formerly held a teaching position at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. In his retirement, Dr. […]

Dentists disliked, but trusted

Let us begin with a brutally honest comment: most would agree that the dentist’s office is not their favourite place to be.  It’s not that patients don’t like their dentist as a person; but frankly, there are a hundred other places that they would rather be.  And yet, when populations are surveyed about which vocations […]

Get more mileage from your dental work

Most of the columns I write are based on the questions that I am asked routinely by my own patients.  One of the most frequently posed questions is, “How long should a filling last?” The question is a very good one, because it is relevant to anyone who has ever had dental work done.  It […]