A brief history of toothpaste

Although daily brushing of teeth has become a cultural norm in North America, its history as part of a daily hygiene routine is surprisingly recent. In fact, it is only since the end of the Second World War that brushing on a daily basis has been adopted by the masses. In other cultures, however, the […]

Early start important for young teeth

One of the more common questions I am asked is when a young child should have their first dental visit. In fact, dental care actually begins with the mother’s healthy pregnancy. The primary (baby) teeth begin formation at 9-10 weeks into pregnancy, and as a result the mother’s nutritional intake, particularly vitamins and minerals, is […]

Make new year’s resolutions for teeth

With the start of each new year comes a revitalization, and a new set of hopes, aspirations and goals for ourselves and our families.  Many of these goals involve our health, be it maintaining or improving it. However, unlike those costly gym memberships and weight loss programs, I would like to propose a list of […]

What you can do to reduce cost of dental care

Among the many economic challenges facing Canadians today is the cost of dental care.  For those individuals and families who do not have dental expenses reimbursed by an employee benefits dental insurance plan, major restorative dental treatment can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are many approaches that can be taken to reduce significantly the cost […]