The future of Danforth Village?

What if the Main Square Community Centre was moved to the corner of Main and Danforth instead of tucked behind high-rise apartments like it is now? Or how about creating an amphitheatre at Shoppers World? Maybe Main Station could be integrated into a shiny new mixed-use building.  The real estate professionals gathered at an open house inside Hope United Church last month had lots of ideas […]

In Danforth Village, a makerspace is born

FROM 3D printing to stained-glass production, for the past year an Upper Beach enterprise has been providing a venue for makers of all stripes to perfect their crafts. “We’ve got everything from forging and knifemaking, or metal work, which is very analogue and just hands on, to CNC computer run routers and laser cutters and […]

What’s in a nickname? Plenty, on “The Danny”

Veterans of the Beach-versus-Beaches wars need never be asked, What’s in a name? But it’s different north of the tracks, even if roses smell as sweet and the need for identity matters as much. New street signs went up last month on Danforth Avenue between Westlake and Jones. They proclaim the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement […]