Crossing guard gets 15-year pin

On April 15 crossing guards across Toronto were honoured by Toronto Police for their service to the community at a ceremony at city hall. For Lois Young, the crossing guard at the corner of Swanwick Avenue and Main Street, the occasion marked a big milestone, as she was awarded for completing 15 years of service […]

Crossing guard retires with parade

Crossing guard Raymond Monckton had no idea what wild traffic he would see on Dec. 19, his last day helping Gledhill students across Danforth Avenue. While Monckton slipped a caution vest over his winter coat and got his stop sign ready, dozens of kids and parents were quietly gathering just out of sight – as […]

Glenn Cochrane: Memories of a kinder, gentler time

When I was but a lad growing up in Hamilton, I used to hang around with my contemporaries at the Shorty Green, which was located a few blocks from where I lived. Shorty Green was the popular name which we called the small water fountains that were a fixture on many street corners in my […]