Hearty food to battle the cold

With an old fashioned winter in our midst these recipes from Foodland Ontario will keep you content as you battle the rigours of ice and snow. In fact, if you are stranded at home because of the weather, these may act as an inspiration in the kitchen. Keep warm! Muesli for Breakfast In the pitch […]

Soup is on, so let it snow

As we found out over the holidays, regardless of technological advances, we really have no control over the weather. However, what we can do is make winter-resistant food – that is, food that warms and cheers us. There is no better cure for the winter blahs and freezing weather than soup. Here are my favourite […]

Christmas baking season upon us

For a baker, one of the best things about November is the dreary, cold weather – ideal for cocooning in the kitchen with a number of special recipes. What better time to begin your Christmas baking? If you are steering away from recipes using flour or dislike traditional fruitcakes, then these are for you: a […]

Summer breakfast al fresco

Breakfast in the summertime is special. Whether it’s strolling to the dock with a cup of coffee or sitting on the deck with a bowl of berries, it’s relaxed and happy. Yes, happy. How often can we enjoy a casual meal outside in the tranquillity of morning light? Part of the joy is the light […]

Spend the summer in the raw

‘Cooking’ in the raw is a conflict of terms. But there is no conflict when it comes to ‘raw’ in the summer. In the raw means ease of preparation and use of fresh produce. The result: great taste, quality nutrition and tremendous variety. Of course, in the raw is the perfect term for salad, and […]

A gift that gives more than once

Finally, a book which helps the medicine go down – with humour of course. Mairlyn Smith’s Healthy Starts Here! is a breath of fresh air. No fuddy-duddy business, simply information, as I said, with a spoonful of humour to make it digestible. Of course, the gorgeous photographs act like eye candy and get you salivating […]