The ultimate natural energy drink

Energy drinks are very popular today. There are literally hundreds of them available at your grocery store shelves. However, the majority are artificial or manufactured and contain lots of added sugar, caffeine and other ingredients. Most folks would consider coffee the ultimate, natural energy drink, and it  can be to some extent. There is an […]

Coffee definitely has its perks

Boy, do we love our coffee. For many of us, it’s what starts our day and provides that perfect mid-afternoon break. It’s so popular that there’s an entire culture based around it – just look at all the coffee shops out there. But do we really know what we’re getting out of it? There are […]

Learning the true cost of a cup of coffee

When Louise Hamilton tried picking ripe red coffee cherries in Nicaragua, it felt something like picking blueberries on an Ontario farm. Coffee cherries grow thick on their branches so, like a heavy bunch of blueberries, Hamilton said it’s tempting to strip them off by the handful. But even now, in Nicaragua’s harvest season, too many […]

Cupping: the art of coffee tasting

Ah coffee! It starts most peoples’ day, accompanies a pastry like nobody’s business, and has an entire work break named after it. Whether you call it battery acid, caffeine, café, jamocha, java, joe, mud, or varnish remover, it all amounts to the same thing. It’s fascinating nectar made from the beans of a tree and […]