Things I wish I’d known

I spent a whole lot of time worrying about my kids when they were little. Don’t get me wrong, I was functional – working, getting them to school or daycare – but I did worry. I worried about their safety. I worried about their health and their development. In part, I blame those ‘What to […]

A second chance at the first day of school

As I arrived back from the Labour Day weekend, the conversations at work inevitably moved to everyone’s kids and their first day of school. Everyone had a story of first day jitters and first day excitement, and as most of my colleagues are 10 to 15 years younger than me it was also inevitable that […]

Gardening should be child’s play

Digging and seeding and watering in the garden is hard work, right? But look at it another way – through a child’s eyes – and it’s play. Digging is piling earth on toy trucks and moving it from place to place. Seeding goes along with getting on hands and knees to examine all the tiny […]

The revenge of the subject matter

After writing on parenting for fifteen years, my kids have become used to the lack of privacy experienced by simply being my children and the fodder for my humour. They recently shared that the most common question they are asked by friends and neighbours who read this column is if they are “proud” of my […]

Parental screening for the teenage wish list

Dear Santa, Thank you again, for honouring the many good people of our neighbourhood last year.   As the holiday season approaches, you may find you are short two letters from our household. It seems teenagers have figured out that snail-mail to the North Pole is a waste of time – an email to Mom and […]

Early start important for young teeth

One of the more common questions I am asked is when a young child should have their first dental visit. In fact, dental care actually begins with the mother’s healthy pregnancy. The primary (baby) teeth begin formation at 9-10 weeks into pregnancy, and as a result the mother’s nutritional intake, particularly vitamins and minerals, is […]

Advice for teenagers who don’t want any

In an attempt to prevent our sons from making the same mistakes we did as teens, The Rational One and I have compiled the following list of ‘Things We Wish We’d Known When We were Teenagers’.  We do know that they will immediately discard this advice as out-of-date tripe provided by out-of-touch parents, but nevertheless […]

Childhood obesity on the rise

It seems as though everywhere I turn lately, the media is covering another story on childhood obesity. We are in a crisis and our kids are getting fatter. One third of our children are overweight or obese; diabetes is on the rise; and for the first time in history, our kids are not expected to […]

Treasuring the sound of children’s voices

A treasure lies hidden in our children’s school, a precious jewel. Yet the adults who gaze upon it are few. I was one of the lucky ones this past June, when I attended the end-of-year student talent show at my daughter’s elementary school. The acts were swell, some outstanding. But the star act, in my […]