Caring for senior pets

Like many veterinary practices, we often promote a specific area of pet health care at different times of year. This November we are planning a number of initiatives on care for senior pets. Many of the issues that can greatly affect quality of life for our senior pets really need to be kept in mind […]

Jolene may steal your heart

Dolly Parton once wrote about Jolene, “your beauty is beyond compare … please don’t take my man … don’t take him just because you can.” The Jolene pictured here looks perfect for the part. Just ask the frisky cast of the famous musical production CATS. Jellicle cats of any persuasion possess an exquisite sense of […]

Action important when pets are poisoned

My clinic, for whatever reason, has had a bit of a rash of cases involving known or suspected exposure to toxins recently, with three serious situations in the past few weeks. I thought it might be a good time to discuss two of the more common threats our pets face from toxins in their immediate […]

Pets can have allergies too

One of the most frustrating and increasingly common conditions we see in pets is allergies. Many people are surprised to learn that their pets can suffer from allergies. The truth is, not only do we see a significant amount of allergic disease in our patients, they can suffer in ways that are often more significant […]

How do you know your pet is ill?

I mentioned in my last article something all vets hear pretty frequently from owners: “Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could talk?” I wrote about how this affects the difficult decisions pet owners face at the end of a beloved pet’s life. Since then I have been asked to elaborate on just how […]

Cats are Beachers, too

It’s no secret that the Beach is a popular neighbourhood for dog owners, both to live and visit. The reasons for this are obvious, I can think of no better life in this city for a dog than one in this great community. What might surprise many is that in my practice the number of […]

It’s a wonderful animal life

‘Twas the night before Deadline (& a week before Christmas!) when all through my head, Not a single thought was stirring, not even a thread! Then all of a sudden, a jingle in my ear – The perfect idea for my first tale of the New Year! Imagining applause, I took my bow… For this […]

Obesity a leading cause of health problems for pets

Obesity in pets, both cats and dogs continues to be probably the number one contributor to illness and decreased quality of life. Obesity in pets has many of the same correlations to the development of disease that are seen in people. Overweight pets are much more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and chronic constipation […]

Neighbours pitch in to help feral felines

A small group of neighbours on Neville Park Boulevard have joined together in their efforts to help deal with a group of feral cats living on their street. With donations from neighbours, discounted rates from a gracious veterinarian, advice from Toronto Cat Rescue and trapping assistance from a local veterinarian technician, eight of the nine […]