Impact of the federal budget

Where are urban communities reflected in the Federal Budget and whatever happened to that noble and necessary objective of post-carbon cities?  It’s not there. But, more than that, Budget 2012 delays and damages the very possibility. This is a government that makes Kermit the Frog’s anthem It’s Not Easy Being Green a difficult one to […]

Youth sports permit fees: shoot first, ask questions later

On March 22 an overwhelming 60 or more volunteer representatives of various youth sports leagues and organizations came together at a forum at Sherbourne Community Centre to discuss the newly implemented outdoor field permit fees for child and youth sports leagues. These attendees represented almost all of the youth sports leagues in Toronto, from netball […]

Dealing with budgets, bullying and overcrowding

By now you have read or heard the Drummond recommendations for the Provincial budget. I expect you are sick to death of listening to kvetching about budgets – provincial, city and now education. As am I. However you need to know that this year, to paraphrase Queen Elizabeth, it is ‘Budget Horribilis’. This will be […]

Prue talks budget with public

A small group of residents gathered at Access Point on Danforth on Jan. 26 to discuss issues pertaining to the upcoming Ontario budget, expected to be revealed in March by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan. The meeting was organized by Beaches/East York Member of Provincial Parliament Michael Prue, who is also the New Democrat’s finance critic, […]

2012 city budget: something for everyone

After much consideration and negotiation, we passed the 2012 budget at city council two weeks ago. It was a contentious and exciting time to be here and be part of pulling together an inspirational coalition of councillors and constituents who stood up for the services and priorities that matter most to Torontonians. Our balanced approach […]

Residents speak up on budget

A packed auditorium awaited councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and several guest speakers at the councillor’s first town hall meeting of the year, focused on addressing both the declining amount of affordable and subsidized housing in Ward 32, and proposed cuts in the upcoming city budget process. Well over 100 area residents packed into St. John The […]