Breakfast in the garden

An early summer morning, complete with sunshine, birdsong and warmth is a treasured moment- requiring the best breakfast ever to be savored and saved in memory but best of all enjoyed in the out of doors – be it terrace, garden, park or balcony. Prepare the best breakfast ever and enjoy every sensual moment! Mint […]

Holiday season brings many opportunities to celebrate

It’s beginning to look very much like the holiday season in the Beach and some popular annual events are adding to the festive air. On Saturday, Dec. 6, meet Hamper for breakfast at Community Centre 55, 97 Main St. Pancakes will be served from 8 to 11 a.m. ($3 per person) and Santa will make […]

Summer breakfast al fresco

Breakfast in the summertime is special. Whether it’s strolling to the dock with a cup of coffee or sitting on the deck with a bowl of berries, it’s relaxed and happy. Yes, happy. How often can we enjoy a casual meal outside in the tranquillity of morning light? Part of the joy is the light […]