Opinion: Sick of secret deals

On October 5, 2016 Toronto City Council voted ‘Yes’ (21 Yes, 14 No, and 9 Absent) to assign the sole-sourced former Boardwalk Café from the current tenant Tuggs Incorporated (Tuggs) to Cara Operations Limited (Cara), the largest restaurant franchise in Canada. The discussion once again, as in 2010, took place “in camera”, meaning behind closed […]

Letters to the Editor for May 5, 2015

On farmers’ markets and Kew Gardens RE:  No Farmers’ Market for Kew, March 24: I would like to clarify some information concerning the Boardwalk Café lease and a potential farmers’ market stated in a March 24 opinion piece. Yes, the city solicitor was involved in the Tuggs/Boardwalk Café debate, however it was the parks department […]

Right to know lease cost denied

Thank you to so many who wrote to me to express interest about my appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner to shed light on what happened with the Boardwalk Cafe lease.  The results are quite stunning and worthy of a small follow up. I have tried for months to get public disclosure of the […]

Beach residents have a right to know

Does it cost money to break a contract? Most of the time, yes. In 2003, it cost taxpayers $35 million to cancel a $22 million bridge to the Island Airport. In 2011, cancelling Transit City in favour of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s subway-focused plan could have cost taxpayers $65 million. The politically motivated gas plant […]

Foulidis: bad guy or fall guy?

There seems to be no end to the drama that surrounds the Boardwalk Restaurant – or is it Pub, or Café? Regardless of what the name is, it seems to be a political mess planted right here in the Beach for the long haul. The most recent chapter in this ongoing power struggle had George […]