Does the Beach need a new stairway to heaven?

It’s no secret that the beach has a number of access points – some better known than others, wink, wink – but residents are now raising concerns about the danger that can be present at these points, saying something needs to be done – and soon. A sign was spotted on a fence leading down […]

Fighting sidewalks in Cliffside

Residents on a two-block stretch of Midland Avenue are saying ‘no thanks’ to city plans for a sidewalk. “I’ve lived here for 51 years, and we haven’t had any problems,” said Margaret Goss, who raised three kids on the street and now has grandkids who visit her house, one of the 13 affected homes at […]

East End SAR crew hits the water

Petr Jago sees a boater fishing by the Bluffer’s Park breakwater and throttles the twin engines to a purr. Jago and his uniformed crew cruise by slowly, leaving hardly any wake behind their high-speed rescue boat. The fisherman waves. He’s got shades on for the sun, nothing for the water. “There is still no one […]

Police Beat

A second arrest has been made in a kidnapping and assault case from late last year. In December, a woman allegedly escaped after being confined and beaten for four days near Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road. She was then taken to another apartment near Danforth and Kingston, but when her kidnappers drove her to […]

Police Beat

Police are looking for a suspect in a December kidnapping and assault case after a recent arrest attempt near the Danforth. In December, a woman escaped after allegedly being held at an apartment for four days near Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road. She was beaten a number of times before being taken to another […]

Trumpeter swans hatch pair of cygnets

In late June, two trumpeter swan cygnets were born at Bluffers Park. I drove to the park with friends Anne and Jill and smiled with satisfaction as they showed me the female, Sweetie, sitting on the nest platform with the cygnets, Macadamia and Hazel, cuddled up beside her. Three more eggs were being incubated, but […]

Lake Ontario goes big in Pacific Rim

“Go big or go extinct!” is the dire warning of Pacific Rim (opening July 12), with giant robots defending Earth from alien sea monsters. Sure, Lake Ontario is a ‘great lake’, but here it gets a promotion to ocean, ‘playing’ the Pacific. I predict this summer blockbuster will become the biggest box office hit ever […]

The call of a small, green-brown wild

After work the other night, I took a walk by the ponds down at Bluffer’s Park near the lake. The strident chorus of sounds coming from the area was mesmerizing. I looked around the pond and knelt down by the water and saw several toads swimming around, chasing each other, some mating, and some just […]