Deja Views: Bellefair United Church

After the sale of the Bellefair United Church to developers in 2011, I remember taking this photo and wondering what a place of worship would look like as a condo. Well, here you have it. Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share with our readers? Please contact me by email at

Deja Views

In the 1970s, Ann Patterson ran a camera store on Queen Street near Kenilworth. Once in a while, Ann would go for a stroll and take her camera along and shoot the happenings on the street. On this occasion I’m guessing Ann had lunch in Kew Gardens, then walked over and stood in front of […]

Sounds of old challenged by the new

Beach United Church is giving a new voice to an old instrument – the church organ. Reopened in October after a major, multi-year renovation, Beach United now features sun shades, solar panels and an open sanctuary without a single pew. Adding a 2,000-pipe organ might seem like a throwback for such a modern space, but […]

Beach United Church reborn after multi-year renovation

Enter the sanctuary of the newly renovated Beach United Church and one striking change is what you do not see – pews. Switching from fixed pews to chairs means church members can arrange Sunday services to face any direction, says project lead Karen Watson, noting that the congregation often worships in a circle. “You see […]