Baddie bungles Beach beagle burglary

A dog snatcher has his tail between his legs after a Beach couple foiled his plan to steal their beloved beagles. “We’re never tying them up again,” says Thea Lilley, who left her beagles Abbey and Stella near a busy Queen Street East grocery store just after noon on Saturday, Oct. 3. Home with a […]

Walk to honour Duke at Woofstock

Long before beagles invaded my heart, I was servant to a seriously spoiled Cockapoo named Wednesday. She was a backyard breeder special. I wasn’t so rescue savvy in those days. According to her paperwork, Wednesday had been born on Dec. 3, just a day before my stepdaughter Claudia. After her dad and I got together, […]

Seeing Toby’s ‘ghost’ eyes is believing

When we bought our 1850’s farmhouse near Colborne a few years ago, I quickly concluded we had a ghost! Not to worry. Like Casper, he’s a friendly spirit. He also has four legs. As ghosts tend to be, Tobias the Ghost Dog is invisible – except in the eyes of one of our beagles. Ever […]

Year’s first beagle rescue a winner

The hound dog in the tub with the big dreamy eyes has only one New Year’s resolution, aside from keeping sparkly clean. He’s howl-bent on being a better dog. His initial motivation is sure to break your heart. Our bubble bath boy was hoping if he accomplished his objective, his ‘humans’ would come back. But […]

November a month for regal beagles and pooch presidents

I’m the worst at remembering important dates, except maybe for one. That was the time when Rescue Case #71 was sworn into Big On Beagles (BOB). How could I forget? It happened four years ago this month. Barack Obama had just become the 44th President of the United States. The stray beagle from Scarborough pound […]

Beagle Jerry Maguire says: You complete us!

We’ve got a house guest at the moment. He’s from out of town. He’s having surgery here in the Beach this week so he needed somewhere to crash before and after. I obliged, even if he expects platinum premier service usually reserved for celebrities lodging at luxury hotels. He insists on breakfast-in-couch, tummy massages, complimentary […]

Puppy love knows no age limits

You only need to spend a day at an animal shelter to discover there are a million excuses for abandoning the family pet. Some are legitimate but others, not so much. They range from having a baby, moving to a no-pet-zone, sudden allergies, sudden new lifestyle, to no patience, no conscience. . .the list goes […]

Saved by a slobbery smooch

“Ugh! I’ve been kissed by a dog! Get disinfectant!” – From A Charlie Brown Christmas I’ll never understand Lucy types. Receiving a kiss from a dog can be life-changing…in a good way! It was only a bell’s jingle before Christmas when I burst into a revised version of a Katy Perry song while driving home […]

How a beagle’s pen pal made a difference

When I was working in the fundraising department at the Toronto Humane Society, a big part of my job was responding to donor mail. My favourite letters were those sent by children. There was one in particular I won’t ever forget, and not just because the envelope was lumpy. The author of that letter became […]