Silver Birch boathouse changes ‘keep it lively’

The last time the city proposed changes to the Silver Birch boathouse four years ago, backlash from the community and a heated debate during a public consultation saw the plans shelved almost as quickly as they were proposed. Now, the Parks, Forestry and Recreation department has once again been mulling over reforms to the boathouse […]

City steps back from Silver Birch boathouse plans

After a high-intensity public meeting at the Balmy Beach Club on March 28, Ward 32 councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department have announced they will be backing off on a plan to evict boats from the Silver Birch Boathouse. For those without personal watercraft, the boathouse may be best known […]

Future of Silver Birch boathouse questioned

The question: where is the best place in the Beach to spend a Thursday evening to kick off Easter weekend? If you answered ‘the Balmy Beach Club’, you wouldn’t be alone. However, the crowd  that packed the hall at the club on March 28 were not there for a drink and a laugh. Well over […]