Test your baseball movie IQ

Toronto is abuzz with Blue Jay fever. Try fielding these questions without an error and you’ll sound like a true blue fan even if you don’t know Mike Trout from a rainbow trout. Remember, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” (Yogi Berra, 1925-2015) The Toronto Maple Leafs were a baseball […]

‘Baseball Boys’ find homes

It’s funny how a block in the road can lead you down a path perhaps you were meant to take all along. I was planning to write about a parrot rescue, but it fell through at the last minute leaving me with nothing to chirp about. That’s when I started thinking about how my Beach […]

Neil McNeil earns OFSAA spot

For a school that just made the big leagues in high school baseball, Neil McNeil is a surprise hit. After stepping up to Tier 1 this season – the only East End Catholic school to do so – the varsity boys team edged past rivals Michael Power to land a spot in the Ontario championships. […]

Hazel looks back on life full of adventure

Most people are being cute when they talk about “a bun in the oven.” But for Hazel Ferguson – born in the summer of 1911 – the saying rings unusually true. Because she only weighed three pounds at birth, doctors told Hazel’s parents to swaddle her and set her in an oven – unheated, and […]

Sports field fees set for coming years

Toronto City Council has made a decision on user fees for sports fields, after backtracking on a budget item that would have forced non-profit youth sports groups thousands of dollars in unexpected permit fees this year. An earlier decision delayed implementation of the new fees until 2013, to allow leagues to adjust their pricing. Many […]

Sports fees waived – for now

Well over 150 people spoke up, everyone from teens telling city councillors the city should pay baseball players for keeping the city’s diamonds clean, to a single mother testifying about skipping her own meals to pay for sports costs for her boys, to volunteers with decades of organizing under their belts. About a third of […]

Beach boys memories of the great Babe

People in the City of Toronto have always been sports fans, especially baseball. We had many teams that played in many leagues and had different names, but the two most well known were the Toronto Maple Leafs – and later – the Toronto Blue Jays. The Toronto Maple Leaf Baseball team was located at one […]