Surprising side effects of the Toronto flooding

While recent flooding and high water levels have impacted the lives of people on land, it’s also caused issues for those who like to spend their time on the water. Outer Harbour Marina announced on May 12 that they would have to take extra precautions when it came to launching boats in the water this […]

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 1, 2015

A challenge for readers: let’s do something positive RE: Letters from Carole Wilson and Paul Romanuk (Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17): I agree that many sections of Queen Street East look appalling, ranging from dirty or sadly outdated store windows to downright dilapidated buildings. I doubt that our BIA or councillor can talk sense […]

Training pays off for Neil McNeil runners

Trained on grassy slopes by the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant and “hill repeats” up Glen Stewart Ravine, cross-country runners from Neil McNeil High School have no end of learning curves. But after winning their eighth straight city final in October, Neil runners say there’s more to their success than elevation gains. “You push each […]

Balmy Beach paddlers clean up

Someone had better shore up the medals table when Balmy Beach Canoe Club celebrates its season on Nov. 8. The local canoe and kayak club won more medals than any other competing club at the national championships in Ottawa this August, a haul that included 11 gold, 18 silver and 25 bronze. Balmy Beach also […]

Surfing at ‘A-Bay’

On surfboards, kiteboards and windsurfers, all kinds of people were out braving the waves at Ashbridges Bay on Saturday, Oct. 3, where the winds clocked in at a steady 55 km/h and gusted up to 70 km/h. [flagallery gid=63]

This garden gang grows for others

Our beaches are full of fascinating things – swans, cygnets, ducks, ducklings, sweet-scented pineapple weed underfoot, four-leaf clovers. And the latest addition: the Beach Community Edible Garden. It’s been in the works for months, as you may have heard, and now it’s really putting down roots. Unlike other community gardens, this one isn’t there just […]

News Briefs

Used skates, snow pants, and CSA-approved hockey helmets are all welcome at Bowmore Road public school, where staff and volunteers are organizing school skating activities for next winter. Drop off items in the bins outside the school office at 80 Bowmore Rd.  ● Beacher Helen Hatzis has been recognized by Governor General David Johnston for […]