Beach Metro News would like to thank ALL of our volunteers who deliver the paper door-to-door. Your dedication and work is second to none, and without your help this community paper would not be what it is. Thank you!

Here are some of our Lucky Volunteers who will receive $50 for a job well done.

David, Ethan, and Megan Toushek enjoy helping out by volunteering. David is a Sales and Marketing Professional, and president of JCI Toronto, while Ethan and Megan devote most of their time to school, piano, soccer, and playing.


David, Ethan and Megan Tou
Megan, David and Ethan Toushek

Anthony Jamieson started delivering the paper because he thought it would be a good way to make new friends. He is a talented musician and has appeared in the paper for winning a chili contest two years ago.

Anthony Jamieson
Anthony Jamieson





Rory Malcolmson uses his paper route as exercise and as a good deed for his neighbourhood. “I am proud to be a Beach Metro paper boy!”


Rory Malcolmson
Rory Malcolmson

15-year-old Michaela Budd is in grade 9 at Malvern. She used to help her mom before taking on the route by herself. She is planning on using her $50 to buy a new hockey stick.

Pals Dylan Rochon-Terry, 14, and Morgan LaChapelle, 13, have enjoyed delivering the paper through rain and snowstorms. Dylan plays rec soccer for the East York Gunners and recently helped build homes near Managua, Nicaragua. Morgan enjoys multiple sports, especially lacrosse. Their golden doodle, Mango, always waits for them as they deliver the Beach Metro.

Dylan Rochon-Terry and Moran LaChappelle
Dylan Rochon-Terry and Moran LaChappelle

Willem Glozanski, 13, delivers the paper with his 11-year-old brother Marcus. They particularly enjoy meeting the neighbourhood cats along the route. “It’s nice to help our community!”

Cian Shmitt-Ulms and Luke Zurcher grew up in the Beach and went to the same school. They initially picked up routes to get their high-school community hours but now do it for fun. Luke plans to add the $50 to his “guitar fund” while Cian will save it for university.

Jason Hill, who delivers on Pickering Street, is a grade 11 student at Malvern. He is excited to be featured in the paper and looks forward to continuing delivering his route.

Jonathan Demmer, 15, is currently attending the MaST program at Danforth CTI. He has a passion for the sciences and loves to participate in as many science and technology activities as he can. He enjoys archery, baseball, windsurfing, and cycling. He hopes to study biology or engineering in university.

Cian Schmitt-Ulms and Luke  Zurcher