Local student’s Christmas Star story shows we all have the power to do amazing things

St. John Catholic School student Trinity Bonhomme shares her Christmas Star story with readers of Beach Metro Community News today -- Christmas Eve.


The deep black abyss floated around me. God had sent me on a mission, but I don’t know what it is yet.

All of a sudden I woke up. The angels around me stared for a moment but kept on their way. Today was the day. Every angel my age on their birthday is sent on a special mission by God himself.

I walked down the street up to his humble home and knocked. ”Come in!” he called.

So I entered the hut and he welcomed me with open arms. “Hello Father,” I said.

”Today’s the day! Are you excited?” he asked.

“I would say more nervous than excited,” I responded.

Oh what was I thinking? Of course I’m nervous! How long would I be gone? Would I ever see heaven again? All of these “what ifs” and nervous thoughts were just getting my anxiety up. Oh my God, I’m hyperventilating! It’s a panic attack, it’s a PANIC ATTACK! I was obviously making a face because God looked at me worriedly.

“And you are, sure you are all right?”

”Perfectly fine,” I wheezed. Keep calm and carry on…My mother’s voice whispered in my head. I slowly calmed down. It was time.

“Come now, to the peach tree,” he told me.

So I followed and we walked in silence in the quiet streets. When we got there, he told me: ”Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go down to earth and help the birth of my son.”

WHAT!? This was the BIGGEST mission God would have ever sent ANY angel on! I can’t help him with the birth of his son! I can’t even stand the sight of blood! Before I could object, or even question this mission, God continued: “Don´t worry, all you must do is stay up in the sky and guide the wisemen to the manger where he was foreseen to be born.”

OK I can do that! I am the brightest in my class! But what if I messed it up? This was God’s SON we are talking about. Would I be banished from heaven? Would all those I love be banished too? Keep calm and carry on… I could do this. I know I could. Missions are one of the biggest honours an angel could do. After I agreed, he immediately sent me.

When you go down to earth it feels as though you are flying, but falling, which you are, technically. When I got there, I was far above the land, in between earth and heaven. Humans call it “space”, but it’s known as the spirit realm to us angels.

I could see EVERYTHING, and it was beautiful. I saw Mary, and Joseph, and some guys on camels and more guys on camels, and a castle! It was so cool! I had never felt this good in well, ever.

Oh there! The wisemen, three guys on camels with fancy hats, entered the big castle. You see, the super cool power us angels have is that they can see everything but nobody can see you! So, looking from above, I saw that they were speaking with a man sitting atop a massive throne. They seemed to be talking about the Messiah. The child who will soon be born.

The conversation finished when King Herod told them to “Go and search carefully for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him.” (Matthew 1:18- 2:13).

Oh this is where I come in! I have to guide them to the manger! Hmm so I must be in Bethlehem already. I look down and there’s the manger! That’s so cool, but Mary and Joseph aren’t there yet, I see they are still looking for somewhere to stay.

Poor Mary, she is in labour and nobody will let her in. That’s not fair, don’t women have to go through enough lately? Like sheesh! Oh here she comes! I tighten up my face and try so hard to shine bright, but I am probably just looking like a mashed up potato instead.

The wisemen start on their way and they start to point up to the sky! Oh no! Is it a comet? Are we going to die like all the dinosaurs!? By the time I realized they were pointing at me, I was on the verge of fainting! So they start to walk my way coming closer and closer to Bethlehem through the sandy dunes.

When they get there, Jesus is born in the manger surrounded by Mary, Joseph, some men with long sticks, sheep, cows, horses and a weird goat that seems to be looking at me funny.

I am so relieved that I did my job right! So, now that I am done with my mission I can return home, hopefully the hero that I thought I would never be.

I am the Christmas Star, and I hope this story will go on for generations to show that no matter how much you worry, no matter how big or small you are, you will always have the power to do something amazing.

Trinity Bonhomme is a student at St. John Catholic School.

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