Roni Brown of Vintage & Antiques in Birch Cliff helps her customers find special and inspiring items

Vintage & Antiques is located at 1462 Kinston Rd. in Birch Cliff.


Roni Brown shares and lives out her love for preserving well-crafted antiques, and the related reusing of products that would otherwise be thrown away, behind what appears to be a humble storefront on Kingston Road in Birch Cliff.

“It makes me happy that when someone comes into my store or they come into my house and they have this look of wonder because there are just so many things that are unusual, that are hard to find that they appreciate,” said Brown of her store Vintage & Antiques.

“And I hope that it can inspire people to again step out of the little square box and buy things you truly love.”

Brown said she achieves two things in the collection she sells: Variety and quality.

“I try to keep a very good range of products from fine French pieces to mid-century modern to rustic pieces. I have lots of lighting, art, accessories, furniture, some architectural pieces as well.”

When one is looking for the necessary items for the home, the big box stores might be an option. But an antique shop is an excellent and unique alternative.

“It’s just basically full of unique pieces,” said Brown. “If you don’t want to go with the big box trends, and if you want to have more character in your home with special pieces, that’s why you’d shop at my store.”

There are many reasons people purchase antiques, she said.

“It could be the fact that there’s some nostalgia that perhaps your parents or grandparents had a piece like that. It’s definitely for the quality and value. It’s more of an investment piece and if you’re concerned about environmental issues, it’s definitely the more environmentally responsible way to go versus the throw away trends.”

The love of antiques is also something one can share with her or his family, said Brown.

“My father just instilled that love of antiques, the love of quality and saving an item,” she said. “Even if you see something that somebody else has discarded but he would see the beauty in it, with a little bit of work and restore it. And once again it goes back to being kind to the planet.”

There is something about antiques, like a romance, that can strike a chord in one’s heart.

“I was a single parent at the time. I was with my father, and we came up across this other antique shop in the country and they had a small model of a spiral staircase and it was $200. This was back in the 1980s,” remembered Brown. “So at that time, as a single parent, my dad talked me out of it. Because, he said, you really shouldn’t be spending your money on that right now. So I didn’t. But that’s the first thing that always comes to mind that I wish I would have bought that.”

Vintage & Antiques is located at 1462 Kingston Rd., just east of Warden Avenue.

Currently it is open on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.; and on Sundays from non to 4 p.m. Appointments can also be made for other times by calling 647-639-0474. More information on Vintage & Antiques, and on items for sale,  is also available through the Facebook site at

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