In My Opinion: Make road safety a priority as students are returning to class

School is back in as of today (Tuesday, Sept. 3) so please be careful out there on the roads.


School is back in as of today for thousands and thousands of students, teachers and parents across our city.

If you are a student or a teacher, it’s a time of new beginnings.

Maybe as a student you are making the jump from elementary to high school, or maybe you are starting your first year of college or university.These are exciting times, and ones that will be remembered forever.

We wish everyone good luck as they head back to class this week, be it at a school they’ve been in for years or it’s the beginning of a new educational adventure.

For teachers, it means there’s new students and new possibilities to help teach the next generation, whether it be in Kindergarten or university.

Yes, there’s some uncertainty as to what the future might bring given the signals being sent by our provincial government, but for now at least it’s a time of optimism.

For parents, this time of year can certainly be an emotional one depending on where your children are going to school.

There’s nothing like the first day of Kindergarten to bring out the tears — and that’s from the parents not the kids.

It’s all part of the process of watching your children start to grow up and letting them start to take responsibility for themselves.

And if your kids are heading off to their first year of college or university in another town or moving into residence away from home it can be a tough time emotionally – for both parents and kids.

But again, it’s all part of the process of letting them live their own lives.

There may well be more than a few parents who went through that experience over the Labour Day weekend as their kids set off for their post-secondary careers.
Don’t worry, though, they’ll be back soon enough; and they will have laundry.

Indeed, once we pass Labour Days it feels like a new year or at least season has started, and it brings lots of excitement.

This week that excitement is running at its peak, which is why we need to make road safety a top priority right now.

Kids are full of energy as they are happy to see their friends who they have missed over the summer, and sadly safety may not be their top priority right at this moment.

As parents, we need to remind them to be careful.

Even more important, if you are out driving this week and next please take extra care.

We shouldn’t have to tell anyone to be careful when in a school zone but it’s shocking some of the bad driving that goes on; especially at pick up and drop off.
There is no excuse for some of the terrible behaviour that can been seen by parents in cars around school zones at these times of day.

Please, please look out just not for your own kids but everyone else’s as well.

As we’ve heard on numerous occasions from crossing guards when we do stories on them here at Beach Metro News, it is often the parents of students who go to a school who are guilty of most of the dangerous driving. Don’t be one of those people.

This should be a time of year that is full of possibilities and excitement.

Don’t let selfish or irresponsible behaviour on the roads turn it into a time of tragedy.

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