Retro Shopping: Leslieville Flea looks at 2019 trends

Now is the time to get bold with pattern and colour, mixing modern and vintage elements along with natural materials and sleek shapes. Photo by Fat Daschund.


New Year. New Look. With the start of a new calendar year, we often write down our resolutions, intentions or lists of things we want to accomplish in the year ahead.

It’s also a good time to look around your space and see where you can incorporate some of the new trends in design.

Whether you are doing a renovation, shopping for new furniture or just looking to pick up a few new items to liven up your home; you will want to have a look at what is predicted to be super hot for 2019.


The biggest difference in design trends going forward is the return to colour. People are tired of white, grey or neutral spaces. Pantone’s colour of the year is Living Coral – a rich and vibrant shade that is full of life. Contrasting that is Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, Metropolitan Gray – a cool neutral that looks great in any space.

These may seem contradictory for style predictions, but they work perfectly together and give us some sense of what is happening in design this year.

Neutral walls are fantastic, and a great backdrop, but this year they will be updated with punches of strong colour and lots of pattern.

Deep and colourful walls are also very on trend – think rich navy, deep green, oxblood and dark terra cotta. If you are painting a room in these intense tones, you will want to balance that out with some neutrals, and then of course a few hits of bright accent colours too.


It’s all about balance and mixing things up for 2019. Layering strong textures with graphic patterns, modern elements with vintage style, natural materials with sleek shapes. This is the time to get bold – with pattern and colour.

Vintage style is going strong – but try mixing this look in a more bold modern way with brighter colours and patterns for a fresher look. A mid century chair with a modern glass or acrylic table and graphic art will be more interesting than a whole room of MCM overload. Using all one style is never a good idea as it becomes tired quickly. Layer the look with eclectic styles and materials and it will always look interesting and dynamic. Check out vintage design shops, flea markets and auction sites to get this look for less.

Design often mimics what is happening in our culture and right now people are tired of the status quo. We want to shake things up and get a bit bolder and it’s showing in the trends for interior design.

People are feeling more environmentally conscious and are starting to be more careful with what they purchase. As a result, handcrafted items and custom pieces are becoming more in demand. Vintage pieces are also a very conscious choice and can be used everywhere (again with the layering and mixing trend). Vintage lighting, handcrafted tables and ethically made textiles are in high demand. People want to know where products come from and even who they are made by.

It’s becoming irresponsible to keep constantly consuming “fast fashion/design” products so purchasing good quality, made to last or vintage items makes sense.

Vintage Kilim carpets are popping up everywhere. They are the perfect mix of pattern and colour and are durable so they are a practical option as a rug or runner in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere.


Right now, pattern colour and texture are everywhere too. Bold floral wallpaper and art, brightly patterned cushions and rugs, vibrant velvet sofas. Graphic patterns are also super chic. Use these on textiles and walls and also tiles – Moroccan and Middle Eastern tiles are still very on trend.

It’s time to take a chance and add some punch to your home. Looking at finishes in interiors: brass is still huge but try pairing it with oil rubbed bronze. The mixing of metals within a space adds interest and style. Just remember not to use more than two to three throughout a room and use ones that compliment each other.

If you are choosing wood flooring, lighter wood tones are more popular right now and lend a sense of lightness to the space. They are also the perfect backdrop for a dramatic and colourful rug or sofa.

Natural materials are an easy way to add some warmth and texture to our spaces right now. A variety of woods, pottery and earthenware, jute and hemp textiles will create a feeling of grounding and calm. Thick textured wools, tiles with an earthy feel and furniture with textured upholstery are great choices.

An easy and inexpensive way to add some fun natural texture to a room is to create a basket wall with vintage wicker baskets.


Furniture lines are softening and curves are everywhere. Seventies’ style tub chairs, upholstered velvet headboards and curved sofas are being seen in all the designers social feeds. Softly curved wood frames, round or oval tables and rounded edges are what’s happening now.

Once again, look to vintage shops and flea markets to score some of these finds for much less.

With so many different trends, it seems like almost everything goes for 2019. Have some fun, blend your styles and take some chances this year!

– Chris Roberts and Brigid Elmy are huge fans of all things vintage and work to promote sustainable and conscious design. They co-founded the Leslieville Flea – a curated flea market in Toronto that showcases local, vintage and handcrafted style. For upcoming dates, visit

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