After criticism, Toronto police delete Facebook post detailing ‘anti-Trudeau protest’

A social media post shared from the 55 Division Facebook page has been deleted due to “inflammatory language,” Toronto Police Service has said.

The post was about an alleged “anti-Trudeau protest” scheduled for noon Saturday, Nov. 4, at Kew Gardens and a block party that had been arranged in response by the groups East Enders Against Racism, SAFE: Solidarity Against Fascism Everywhere, and Toronto IWW General Defence Committee Local 28.

“In the ever-so-reliable social media world, the protest began being spread as a White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi & Fascist protest,” the since-deleted 55 Division post said. “In response to the protest having these dynamics, counter protests were planned by various opposition groups; Communists & Socialists etc.”

“Police have monitored the issue since we became aware of the proposed protest and continue to do so.”

According to media reports, the anti-Trudeau protest was promoted online by Kevin Goudreau, chairman of the Canadian Nationalist Front, a White nationalist organization calling for immigration reform and a “return to Canada’s original ethnic demographics.”

TPS Const. Michelle Flannery confirmed the 55 Division post had been removed.

“It (the post) was removed because of some inflammatory language,” said Flannery.

She said she “cannot speak to” whether the inflammatory language was contained in the post itself or in the comments, many of which were critical, that followed.

Flannery added that “each division is responsible for their own Facebook posts” but that there was “direction to have it replaced.”

In cases like this, direction would have come from high-ranking Toronto Police Service staff, Flannery explained.

Before its removal, a copy of the post had been shared from the Facebook account belonging to Jonathan Morrice, 55 Division’s crime prevention officer, to a local community group, drawing criticism for its wording. Facebook users shared the post dozens of times to various community and private pages.

After its deletion, a new post apologizing for using “misleading” language and offending readers has been shared from the 55 Division Facebook page.

“55 Division works closely with the community to ensure our public areas are safe for everyone and that includes everyone’s right to a peaceful and lawful protest,” the follow-up post, published around 1:30 p.m., stated.

“My previous post used language that was misleading and was a follow up to a specific previous thread. It offended some readers. I apologize for that,” the post continued. “Police will continue to do what they can to ensure a safe & secure event for everyone who attends.”

The deleted post from Toronto police said the south side of Queen Street East was going to be closed to parking from Bellefair Avenue to Lee Avenue during the event.

Const. Morrice did not respond to a call requesting comment.

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No matter how it is said, portrayed or written. It is always considered sensitive or offensive when facing racial issues when one particular group is identified by Social Media. I think it is unfair that the Police have to take down post such as this. While there are Tons of civilians that abuse Social Media with far more derogatory comments. I understand they are considers leaders but they (Police) should not be facing such harsh criticism. Whit supremacy issues as identified is a hidden agenda that should be identified more often. I support our Toronto Police Organization no matter the beliefs of others.

Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. I know Constable Jon Morrice and he is a wonderful man and has been of great service to our community. It is so easy to fall into the abyss of social media and the cowards that inhabit it. Whatever you say will be misconstrued and twisted. Fortunately we know Jon and we accept his retraction and his heartfelt apology. End of story !!

I hope that he didn’t suffer any repercussions. It seems anyone that makes a serious effort to break down the ‘Blue Wall’ get’s slammed by the entrenched order. The first step to doing this is doing away with the ridiculous ‘cop speak’: words chosen so carefully they would make a lawyer proud, but make anyone else roll their eyes.

Language is important, and social media is, very much, about language.

I’m sorry but where is the quote of the supposed “inflammatory language”??
I read nothing that was inflammatory! Political correctness is killing freedom of speech and will be our downfall.
The people whined about the post need to get a life and some thicker skin. Utterly ridiculous.

Jenny, you are absolutely right. Political correctness is destroying freedom of speech. Anyone can twist any sentence to suit their purpose or attack any comment made. I have said numerous times that we have too much freedom and it will be the death sentence of democracy. All one has to do is look at what is happening now throughout the world. There is an agressivr push by the New World Order Elites to destroy the fabric North America was built on, all in the name of globalism. If one is not familiar with what I am talking about, google: Rothschilds, George Soros, Bilderberg group, Open Society Foundations, Illuminati, etc. If one is smart then they will understand that Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors and other politicians are mere puppet’s and the above mentioned names and groups dictate what or who is going to be attacked.

Michael, if you believe in what you say, then you believe in extream-right wing (or now alt-right) fairy tales (aka conspiracy theories) that have been polluting the minds of gullible people who would rather believe that sinister, unseen forces are controlling the world, rather than taking the time and effort to actually learn how the world works. Conspiracy theories are nothing more than short cuts to an explaination that make the reader feel “special” because they believe that they, somehow, know a truth that others do not, and are therefor “in the know” while others are not. The fact is that the manufacture of conspiracy theory is a big busines that rakes in a lot of money from gullible people and that the people who are part of this industry (and it makes billions) actually brag about how they pull one over on people who should know better. (Watch “Get Me Roger Stone” on Netflicks, a documentary about Stone, who is in the news today because of his connections to Trump’s election, and who’s history goes back to the Nixon-Watergate days – where he was a minor player.) Just do a Google on “Conspiracy Theories” and you will get the back ground on them. Conspiracy theories would be laughable, but they are used as horrible devices to attack people, such as Jews and other minority groups with lies and disinformation that motivated by hate. This is wrong and cannot be permitted. It has nothing to do with “political correctness” or attacking freedom of speech, but is stopping…

Jenna They didn’t quote the inflammatory language because it’s inflammatory. No need to repeate it because it is foul and unneeded in public discussion. It has nothing to do with “political correctness”, which has to be one of the most misused and misunderstood phrases being used today. It used to mean the promotion of one particular ideology (generally on the left) by being critical of others. Now it is used to be critical of anything that supports civil discorse, so when someone is saying something that is untrue or way out of line (eg all Muslims are terrorists) and it is criticized or removed, that is being called political correctness. So now it is just a term that is being used to sound outraged when extreamist talk, generally of a right wing kind, are criticized or removed. Frankly, all of this talk today about free speech is, prarticularly when it comes up in Canada, is really about being about to inject lies, disinformation and hate speach into the public dialog and make it legitimate. that is, to put it bluntly, un-Canadian because it goes against our Constitution. Unlike the American constitution, which has, unfortunately, created the polarity of opinions that you see today (and is tearing apart the country again), Canada’s Constituion function is to unite the country. This is why it is illegal under Federal Law to promote hate against identifiable groups. Of course those who wish to promote hate, be it under what ever justification they try to make, do not like…

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