Letters to the Editor for Sept. 5, 2017

Rentals make it easier for all to enjoy the water

I just finished reading, “Letters To The Editor”, in your Aug. 22 issue of Beach Metro News.

I am sure this topic is exhausted, but I wanted to add my two cents.

We are so thankful that the new paddleboard and kayak rental services are available to us.

We are a family of three who live in a small condo in the Beach proper and have limited or no storage at all. The Silver Birch boathouse is full of boats that haven’t been used in years making it impossible to access for boat storage. Therefore, we are unable to own a paddle board or kayak.

My family has rented kayaks three times so far this summer and counting. It is fantastic and a service that contributes to making this city and neighbourhood fantastic.

Plus, we are able to provide an alternate activity for our daughter when playgrounds or bike riding are not of interest.

Just wanted to put a positive slant on what appears to be a common complaint.

Michele Macdonald

Readers riff on Jazz Fest concerns


The annual Jazz Fest began as a community affair but has, over the decades, become something very different. It’s more a music fest with some jazz than the jazz fest that was its original focus. Attendee numbers have grown exponentially. So too, as reporter Lara O’Keefe points out (Aug. 22, “Police looking into Jazz Fest concerns”) have the problems.

The last night of the street fest has always been the most problematic. A simple answer is to turn the three-evening into a two-evening event.

Another possibility would be to change the times for the Saturday festival to earlier hours.

Indeed the whole area might benefit from an earlier starting time which would diminish the number of after 11 p.m. drunks who roam the neighbourhoods each night.

And, too, there needs to be some way to lower to decibel level of the bands.

This year and last I measured noise levels along Queen Street from Glen Manor to Kippendavie. In some places the volume was over 120 decibels, a volume level potentially injurious and certainly not conducive to music listening.

So, yes: It’s time to take a hard look at the festival, both its timing and the limits that might be placed on groups who think music is a high volume base level and ear plugs.

Tom Koch

As a lifelong waterfront Beach resident, I have watched the beach parties start as Malvern students celebrating after prom to now teenagers from across the city engaging in criminal activities, like those we’ve seen reported this year.

All of these activities come to a head at Jazz Fest but are not excluded just at that time.

I caught kids urinating in the laneway between my own and my neighbour’s house. These kids told me it was OK because “…we live in the Beach.”

If your kids tell you they are “just hanging around on the Boardwalk”, and you allow this, I believe you are complicit with the above activities and worse still you are exposing them to victimization to the above activities. We could to some degree remedy these problems by forbidding our kids from the area after hours. (It’s 1 a.m. –  Do you know where your kids are?)

Dennis Beal


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