An appeal to our readers

Since 1972, Beach Metro News has been proud to be the voice of our community. Our team has worked hard to bring you the stories, pictures and opinions of our neighbourhood.

We have been through ups and downs, the booms and busts together as change happens along the lake as often as the Queen streetcar is short-turned.

One of those changes is now hitting us at Beach Metro.

Despite the wonderful support from our thousands of readers, hundreds of volunteer carriers, and financial support from our loyal advertisers – many of them your neighbours and friends who have made one of their many local investments through us – the change in the news industry has now hit our newsroom, too.

Where once we couldn’t take any more ads as the paper was bulging at the folds, we have seen a lot of that revenue move away from us, as it has from the biggest media players in our city and country before us.

Thanks to our loyal advertisers, we’ve been able to hold off on cutbacks longer than many of our mainstream media friends in the city and country.

We’ve been aggressively renegotiating our contracts and commitments to bring our costs down, reducing expenditures by more than 30 per cent over the past five years.

But that is no longer enough. Our team is looking for new sources of revenue to augment the advertising – both in paper and now online -– that has continued to allow us to be delivered to your door or a neighbourhood drop-off place for 45 years.

So, we’re making an appeal to our readers. We’re launching a voluntary subscriber program to Beach Metro News. We’re asking our readers to make an annual contribution to their neighbourhood paper. At $20 a year, that’s 86¢ an issue, a fee we hope will be palatable.

This isn’t a charitable donation, as we aren’t a registered charity.

What we are is one of the few remaining non-profit, independent, community newspapers in this province. We are your local voice.

Our intention is to continue to bring you the stories from our neighbourhood, both in the paper and online, and on your mobile devices, that the big, city-wide publications can’t tell.

We are looking to use these contributions to continue building and staying on top of the changes in the industry.

We’ll use this revenue to continue to upgrade our technology, improve our online and print content, and most importantly avoid the staff cuts that have decimated the ability for many media outlets to provide the content readers want.

We hope we can count on your support.

To contribute, please fill out and mail the form found in our latest issue or alternatively you may securely contribute online at

The Board and staff members thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

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What a terrible and distressing situation to be in when an appeal for money is necessary to save a community treasure. The Beach Metro News is the community nexus for news and the conduit through which people learn about programs and services and community issues. Many people and organizations claim to have the pulse of the community but the Beach Metro News is its heart. To avoid the paper possibly surviving by taking the over-stuffed with paid advertising inserts route, the community really has to muster around this publication.

Having worked and lived in the Beach for at least 50 years, the Beach Metro News/Ward Nine News has always been a source of intelligence and responsible reporting. However the writing is on-the-wall when people use internet news aggregators and social media to get their news. Print media is dying and it’s no surprise. To avoid stuffing the paper with paid advertising crap or using an internet pay wall, or increasing membership fees, asking for a $25 annual contribution to keep this fabulous publication, that has helped so many, isn’t much to ask. Personally I’d expect the community charities and non profits and service clubs and all those who received financial contributions from the BMN during its halcyon years should consider at least $100 annual contribution.

Also and as an aside the BMN has helped Organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and its time for them to return the help. Finally the BMN upcoming AGM will be very…

Two years ago at the AGM, I suggested the Beach Metro set up a charity – with the proceeds being available to help the community as well as the paper.

Money donated could go to the paper, to special projects, or to general use at the discretion of the board. And this would let any donations be tax deductible.

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