You can get there from here, but…

“Crowded! Hot! Loud! Nobody can hear each other!” Those words top my notes from last June’s public meeting for City Planning’s Danforth Avenues Study, endured in non-air-conditioned discomfort at Hope United Church. Yet, eight months later, I think back more to a moment I almost missed. Needing a break from the heat and din, I […]

Beach Books February 21, 2017

The Tower of the Comic Book Freaks Ron Kasman Caliber Digital Press 228 Pages Reviewed by Lara O’Keefe While I can’t pretend I’m any sort of comic book fan, I will admit that shortly after digging into The Tower of the Comic Book Freaks series, I was hooked. Does this mean I’ll be running to […]

Court sides with Beach resident in OMB ruling appeal

A BEACH resident is no longer on the hook for legal costs stemming from a failed appeal against plans for a Queen Street condo building. Brian Graff had been ordered to pay nearly $30,000 in legal costs to Reserve Properties, the developer of the six-storey condo at 1960 Queen St. E, formerly the site of […]