On climate change, leaders need questioning

I read the article in the Beach Metro News on the climate change town hall (“Climate town hall well attended”, September 20, 2016) as I did not attend the meeting.

The fact that you are dealing with an uninformed and suburban-inclined mentality in the Beaches, there is no reason for the moderator to refrain from asking objective and pointed questions regarding the government’s actions.

That is what enlightens and promotes public action. Not, what you, the public, can do when us, the government, offset public efforts.

What the public does is a drop in the ocean. It is exposing and holding governments accountable that brings about change in all areas of corruption and adversity.

Lela Gary

Thanks, Gene

Considering the continuity of this event and the fact it may be the only continuous community-based 9/11 remembrance in the City of Toronto, and understanding its importance, it seems to me that Gene Domagala should be given a piece of one of the World Trade Centre to put in the Millennium Garden as a sculpture and fitting tribute to the purpose of the ceremony. The US Consulate may be able to facilitate the process.

If this should occur, I would be happy to begin the fundraising process to have a small authentic piece of the tower embedded in black granite.

Gene should be congratulated for his tenacity of purpose in keeping this important event alive and in the minds of all of us.

Bob Murdoch
via Beach Metro News website comment

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Beaches East York MP Erskine-Smith’s Town Hall on Electoral Reform was billed as a way for the Government to obtain local feedback, but it was anything but that. The panel was overwhelmingly and unabashedly in favour of one type of voting system, party proportional. Comments from the audience were not allowed, only questions to the panel which were filtered through Mr. Erskine-Smith. The panel then “educated” the audience. The only feedback solicited was a ballot that could be handed in at the end of the meeting marking one’s preferred system, supposedly to be counted using our current, but apparently “terribly undemocratic” vote counting system: First Past the Post.

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