Renovation not necessary at Kew Gardens

Dear Sir:

It is with great sadness that I walk by my formerly lovely Kew Gardens Park and its beautiful flower beds.   Replacing the flowers are cement blocks, extremely ugly, and serving no purpose whatsoever.

Perhaps people will stop and talk/text on their smartphones if there are benches provided. I see no other reason people would stop there.

If the objective of this folly was to bring more people to Queen Street to shop, this makes no sense whatsoever. If the objective was to provide a space for Remembrance Day ceremonies, destroying the entrance to the park for one day a year is equally ridiculous. Few events are permitted in the park now, so what use will this open space be for? Dundas Square East?

It is my understanding that Mary-Margaret McMahon, our city councillor, led the charge for this change. In the July 19 issue of Beach Metro News, she wrote an article on different ways to balance the budget through various tax increases. I don’t mind tax increases to pay for infrastructure, transit, or social housing. But not this!

As Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Ruth Lerner

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I think what’s been done to our park is a travisty. What was wrong with the original gardens that were gorgeous and full of colour and to add loosing one of the Christmas trees while being ripped apart. I’d take huge pride and TONS of colourful photos of the gardens. THIS is NOT PROGRESS

Complete waste of money and those phoney stones are ugly. Why not use this money to pay down some of the massive debt that hope and change politicians like Miller, Wynne and McGuinty have handed to us?

I have not seen the p ark but remember the care the park staff put into the flower beds. I always looked at them as a showcase for Kew Gardens.

My mom, Margery Emma Amelia Plummer had two other children. I am her youngest Judith Ann Plummer Wilkinson.
My brother William John Gilbert was her son and always said to me that he was a gift to her.
Mom was strong, gentle, forgiving, helpful and taught me how to be in my life. I have been told I am like her but I see my brother in her too. This is a joy. So mom lives in my brother and I.
What a joy having this wonderful woman as my mom. Our mom. She is missed dearly.

Just the latest example of Mary Margaret having no idea or not caring about the community. I’ve had the sad experience of trying to work with her on improvements to our community since day 1 and it’s clear she only cares about ‘managing’ residents to benefit her political career. She is quickly destroying what is so unique and loved about the area.

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