Letter: Pedestrian problems can be passed down

I watched in horror yesterday as a young mother with three children decided to save a couple of minutes and dart across Queen Street rather than walk to the lights a stone’s throw away.

Her young daughter did not understand that they were not running across the entire street and when yelled at to stop she did stop right in the middle of the north side lane – right in front of an oncoming vehicle. The car luckily stopped in time.

Instead of the mother understanding she had put her children in harm’s way, she started yelling at the young girl. By this time they were on the other side of the road where the young girl was being scolded.

Accidents happen even when we try our best to keep our children safe. But if this child had been hit by a car it would have been no accident – it would have been a mother more interested in saving time than keeping her children safe.

Our children learn from our actions. If you always take the safest route with your children chances are when they are a little older and you are not with them, they will do the same.

Laura Kennedy

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re-Pedestrian problems can be passed down
Thank you L. Kennedy for documenting a story that is unfortunately all too common. How often do you see pedestrians jay walk and then walk up to a light, rather than walk up to the light and walk across safely. The distance is exactly the same but the latter is safer, legal and a better example for children. And while at the lights, read the directions how to cross safely there too, never on the count down.

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