Letter: Editorial missed the mark on Beach condos

Editor Jon Muldoon’s opinion piece on us Beach ‘whiners’ who refuse to embrace the tide of condo developments flooding the area – at the Kingston Road and Main Street intersection there are three under construction and a fourth in the works – overlooks many issues facing local homeowners. For example: prolonged strong vibrations and jolts which shake nearby houses, huge trucks using side roads causing almost as bad vibrations, gardens and decks which were private are often now overlooked, and new parking demands on already clogged streets.

Why should we welcome all this? City planners don’t give a second thought to the impact on the area, approving every development proposal, many of which request amendments to the official plan.

Sure, people want to move here and enjoy the Beach lifestyle. But it’s time to stop and take stock of what’s happening to the area while we still can.

Chris Watson

Kingston Road/Southwood Drive

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missed the Mark on beaches, condos:
I myself will be looking right into a seven story condo, it was 6 floors, then the house was being torn down, and then an additional story.

I think our city Council and Mayor Torry are just being greedy and trying to find “money” I guess someone has to pay the way for the Syrians that have all been placed in Metro housing before the people that I’ve been waiting up to 12 years for subsidized housing. “I thought charity began at home.” After living in the area for 18 years with a severe disability using an electric wheelchair,and because I spend the majority of time indoors with our extended winter/fall weather, it was enjoyable to look out my window, all season of the year and be able to see the changing backdrop of seasonal tree changes as well as the outline of Lake Ontario, now my view will be looking into someone’s window, (should I become a nudist to remind the people in the condo that they should never have purchased a condo) I find that the government’s do not care about nothing except their own agenda and pocketbook/benefits.
Yes, there is going to be a big impact on cars traveling around, people, parking issues and a whole pile of other issues that well come about.
Is Mary Margaret McMahon on her way out the same as Sandra Bussin? A Councillor is supposed to protect the riding and the people that live within? Why do we have a Tim Hortons at the beach, I thought that the agreement was no commercial businesses? I see…

The congestion of cars, and traffic, and more pedestrian traffic will be a very big problem, just recently there was an article in the Toronto Star. “Second opening in the Southwood streetcar condo”
A new 6300 square foot grocery store to open “Big Carat Natural Food Market, selling groceries, vegetarian, holistic dispensary (does this mean marijuana as well), Vegan, organic and juice bar.
Yes, the beaches is growing all the time and Kingston road, in particularly is really growing rapidly. It is not right to for so much construction at one time by the same greedy streetcar developments and of course our great city Council you really don’t give a damn except for how much money they can make and appease the developers with every whim they have. In the Big Carot Food Market planning on having Isle Parking inside the store?we also have Apple Jacks Daycare taking on a second store front opposite the big carat, and unfortunately they have a small playground was solid, boarding in the end of the parking lot, this parking lot area is basically in the courtyard around apartment buildings, sunken down where there is no air flow and the sun gets very warm. Does Apple Jacks owner or the actual parent care about the health and safety of their small children?it is in the parking, which has drunken patron driving out of the parking lot from using the Grover Grub and pub, are we waiting for an accident to happen?and by the way, there would be getting sued, Apple jacks or the city of…

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