Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12, 2016

Thoughts from Kew, courtesy Steve ‘the tree guy’

Delivering Christmas trees to families across the greater Beach area has been our calling for more than 25 years.

Every November for over half of our lives we have made a small part of Kew Gardens home for a short while. Peering out from the shed in quieter moments, I’ve watched squirrels navigating piles of trees, listened to the Maple Leaf flapping in the breeze, and imagined that we’re keeping company with ranks of brave heroes gone before. Would they have appreciated the smiling faces of children running around the lot on a park visit to pick out their tree? Perhaps.

We are proud to have represented the Beaches Lions for all these years and grateful to all the people who have allowed us to share in a holiday tradition. There are many stories, a few famous faces and even a marriage proposal or two that contribute to the memories.

We may not always have gotten it right, but we’ve done our best to fix things when we can.

To the kind and generous souls who visit annually with delicious homemade chili and baked treats, and to the carolers, know that you are greatly appreciated. To our tree brothers (and a few sisters) who have helped on unloading day and endured the cold, rainy and snowy nights, we hope the experience has overall been a good one.

We’d like to express sincere thanks to customers and neighbours from throughout the years. In the event the upcoming park improvements make it infeasible for us to continue in Kew, I know the memories will stay with us always. The holidays are a special time and the Beach is a special community.

Steve ‘the tree guy’

On community and choirs

Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Here in Beach Hill there is a great feeling of community. Some examples: those who clean the parks and ravines in the spring, plant bulbs in the freezing rain or help our trees survive ice and heat; those who cook and bake for potluck dinner meetings and bake sales: those who maintain the notice boards and many, many etc’s. To all of you, thank you.

The list of ‘community’ activities continues to grow. Earlier this fall an all-call went out to gauge interest in forming a community choir. On Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015 the inaugural concert of Choir! took place at Forward Baptist Church. A ticket for the event was a donation, cash and/or food for the church’s food bank.

We had no idea how many people would show up to hear us so it was incredible to look out into the audience to see so many neighbours and friends. The audience was large, the donations generous, the performers pumped and the concert a tremendous success. The standing ovation was very much appreciated.

A huge ‘shout out’ to Sarah and Damaris for their positive, engaging and competent leadership.

Another example of community has been launched.

Robert Spall

A singing Beach Hiller

Kew Gardens changes a poor legacy

Spending $1 million on changing Kew Gardens is total lunacy. More paved surfaces in the park should be totally out of the question. The park is beautiful as it is. Add more benches, trees, fix the drainage issue by the ball park, and maybe, as previously suggested, build a new entrance way at the boardwalk informing people of the “Beach Village” to the north at Queen Street.

If this project goes through, add a couple thousand dollars more and build a “Wall of Infamy” on which councillor McMahon (who does not live in the Beach) can have her name added to the likes of former councillors Sandra Bussin and Tom Jakobek. I do not want this to be McMahon’s legacy to this community.

Doug Grinnell

Victoria Park Avenue

Off-leash dog issue won’t stay laying down

It is has become very evident that the threat of a ticket for not keeping a dog on leash outside off-leash areas is being ignored.

In our Beach area of Toronto, including Ivan Forrest Gardens, I would say a majority of dogs are not on their leashes, and yet I have never seen a ticket being given. Recently I saw a dog run up to a baby on the boardwalk, scaring both parents and child.

It seems some dog owners feel entitled and are made more so by watching others break the law. But isn’t that like saying: if others don’t pick up their dog mess, if THEY speed, or drink and drive, if THEY litter, then why can’t I?

If the law is not enforced, it will get more out of control than it already is.

Please, let’s pay attention and not let selfish dog owners rule the land.

Leah Krakus

Waverley Road


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