Main Square residents cry fowl over anonymous campaign letter

Residents of at least one tower at the Main Square complex woke up to the smell of dirty politics – which, as it turns out, smells like chicken.

A photocopied sheet and an envelope of chicken feathers was left anonymously for residents of at least one of the Main Square buildings on Oct. 20.
A photocopied sheet and an envelope of chicken feathers was left anonymously for residents of at least one of the Main Square buildings on Oct. 20.

Theresa Bowers brought an anonymous letter into the Beach Metro News office, which was identical to others she said were left for every resident at 2575 Danforth Ave. Building management confirmed that the envelopes were distributed to every apartment.

The envelope, with a sticker in one corner but otherwise anonymous, contained a one-sheet photocopy criticizing current councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon’s support for backyard chicken coops, along with a number of white feathers apparently taken from a chicken (the smell indicates the feathers were not purchased from a craft store).

“If this is politics, I’m absolutely disgusted,” said Bowers.

McMahon said she is proud of running a positive and clean campaign, but isn’t surprised that others might stoop to anonymous – and smelly – campaigns.

“I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise because many people have been running negative campaigns from the get-go,” she said.

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I live on Scarborough Road and received this letter today, addressed to us by name. Is there a lead as to who sent this? It is not only ridiculous but if you believe in what you are doing and saying; then sign your name or party.

Watch the Beach Metro debate. There is one candidate who brings up the backyard chicken coop issue with such derision. Brian Graff. Has anyone asked him on the record if he is responsible?

I live on Kingswood and received the same note – addressed to me by name. How has this happened? Should I contact the police?

call the police… because they’re not busy with fighting home grown terrorism or anything…. after all you did get an envelope filled with feathers. No wait, call the RCMP instead… REALLY? What kind of world do you live in…..? do you phone an ambulance when you break a nail?

Makes me want to vote MMM even more. I don’t know who’s stooping this low, but it puts every other candidate under suspicion (or their cronies, at least). Ridiculous and nasty tactics! I’d like to find out who did this and empty a few pillow cases worth of feathers through their letterbox! Grrr…

This is really silly!

The Councillor should leave backyard chickens alone. What stupid idea.. WE have a coyote problem that will only get worse….. Please focus on transit not chickens and bake ovens…

Let’s see, who has a history of doing things anonymously and questionable ethics like taking something she was quoted as saying and holding it out as an endorsement from the Toronto Star? Sandra from Toronto anyone?

Problem with that theory is that Sandra Bussin is actually a vocal supporter of legalizing back yard chickens, if people want them.

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